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Steve Winterstein

Steve Winterstein's Bio

Steve is the Owner/Operator of Five-O Tattoo and shares all business related activities with his wife Stacey. He has been tattooing for five years and has been mentored by some of the best artists in the industry. Always having an artistic sense, he found his interest in art was best fulfilled through tattooing. Always the student, he sought out mentors that would give him the best, well rounded, professional education in the art and process of tattooing. This development is ongoing and will continue indefinitely.

Steve is also an active duty police officer in the western suburbs of Chicago and is currently serving his community as a Patrol Commander and Tactical Team Leader. Prior to his civilian law enforcement career he was a member of the United States Army and served as a Military Police Officer (Airborne). He has been involved in teaching law enforcement officers for nearly 20 years and does so at his department and the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy. He has a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration and a Master’s Degree in Managerial Leadership.

Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen's Bio

Originally from Glendale Heights I went to Glenbard North. Shortly after I got into EMS and worked on the ambulance with Maywood FD, and Roselle as a fire fighter/paramedic until getting hired by the Barrington F.D. I worked there for almost 17 years until getting injured on the job, which lead me to where I'm at today. Luckily I was bored a lot in school so I was doing job training without even knowing it. I’ve been tattooing since 2015 and grateful for the people who supported and taught me while I started my mid-life career change.

Paul Abraham

Joanna Bieszczad's Bio

Joanna Bieszczad was born in Poland. In 1997 she moved to Illinois and settled in Chicago’s suburbs. She lives with her husband, two young children and dog. Fine Arts graduate and for over 20 years she’s been drawing and painting people. However, her fascination with the human face, its beauty and proportions started much earlier. Now she wants to help people improve their looks with permanent makeup.